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Special Projects


Thanks to our skills and focus on quality of service Brunin-Express has the know-how needed to perform the transportation of special cargo. With qualified staff on Dangerous Goods we can accomplish the transport of a broad range of goods such as radioactive, flammable or explosive materials.

One recent freight which concentrated two special features - urgency and high-value - perfectly illustrates a "special project". It was a submarine of high depths from the U.S. Navy that was used in finding the wreckage of the Air France plane that crashed at the Brazilian coast in 2009. This equipment had to be shipped in record time and under special conditions to ensure its integrity.

Another example is the transport of a Ford truck for demonstration at a business fair. A special pallet to support the weight of the truck was organized with the airline. The truck had parts of the front suspension and front tires removed, causing it's weight to stay distributed in four points: rear wheels with tires, and front wheels without tires, all transportation was made after specific studies and accurate information of the involved parties: Exporter, Cargo Agent and Airline.

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