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Air transport is currently the fastest among international modal. By allowing a quick delivery is usually indicated for high-value or perishable cargo.

As examples of high-value cargo:

- Electronic;

- Medical and hospital equipment;

- Jewelry and luxury goods.

Regarding perishable cargo:

- Fruits;

- Flowers;

- Newspapers and magazines;

- Medicines.

However, due to the urgency of the shipment many types of goods are transported by air.

In addition, the cargo agent can also advise the importer / exporter to use an airfreight in case it has a lowercost than a sea freight. It might be due to factors such as quantity, volume or weight of the cargo, which end up interfering with the final costs of the shipment.

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Sea freight can be divided into three main categories: Containers, Bulk Cargo, and Free cargo.

Containers are typically used to transport manufactured products such as:

- Textile products;

- Automotive parts;

- Automobiles;

- Chemicals;

- Electrical Materials;

- Building Materials.

The cargoes carried as Bulk cargo are usually commodities such as:

- Petroleum;

- Grains;

- Mineral.

The Free Cargo are usually:

- Large industrial parts;

- Large machines;

- Heavy vehicles of transport.

Therefore, the sea transport is crucial for large volumes, mainly for frequent loads. It allows a more attractive per unit cost of transport, and can be an interesting solution for your company.

Although usually used for large volumes, you can also use this type of transport for smaller volumes, being the logistic agent responsible to offer the less expensive option trough consolidating loads (LCL). Thus, the client can benefit from the frequency of shipping from the logistic agent.

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