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1 - Facilitating the inbound and outbound of yours company's products in Brazil.

Brazil has an excellent economic outlook. Your company must be ready for international demands that will arise. Brunin-Express is the ideal partner to assist your company in the process of import or export.

After years of experience in the international logistics market Brunin-Express has an in-deep know how in the peculiarities of the import and export process in Brazil. With integrity and transparency being the cornerstones of our work, we are the ideal partners to help you face any challenges related to import and export.

2 - International market opportunities.

Export to Brazil is a great opportunity. The Brazilian market is young, dynamic and growing year after year.

The opportunities in the emerging markets have been covered frequently by the media since the beginning of the century. And despite the international financial crisis, Brazil and the rest of the markets have continued to offer great opportunities.

In 2001 Jim O 'Neil published the study, "Building Better Global Economic BRICs". In this study the head of economics research of the financial group Goldman Sachs highlighted the growth of the global economy and focused on Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRIC) being the focal points of prosperity/opportunity in the coming decades.

In 2011 the British newspaper "The Independent" reported:

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has urged Britain to "completely reorient" its export strategy away from traditional customers in the US and Western Europe and towards emerging markets such as India and Brazil. (The Independent / 21-nov-2011)

Contact us and find out how we can help your company.

3 - Best ways to enter the Brazilian Market.

As a developing country Brazil has a great need for improvement in infrastructure. Hiring a partner who knows the main points of entry to the market, makes all the difference for your company.

The main ports in Brazil are:

- Santos (SP) - the largest port in Latin America is the gateway to the State of São Paulo and its metropolitan area. Is the largest economic center of the country. Santos receives every day thousands of containers that supplies the whole country.

- Vitória (ES) - Brazil's second largest port which supplies mainly the Midwest and part of Brazil's northeastern region, is widely used as a platform to export commodities grown in the Midwest region.

- Paranaguá (PR) - The third largest port in Brazil and the largest in South Region.

The main airports in Brazil are:

- International Airport of Guarulhos (SP) - Major Latin American airport which receives daily flights from all over the world. It will undergo an expansion process to increase its capacity for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

- Campinas International Airport - Viracopos (SP) - the second largest cargo airport in Brazil is also located in São Paulo. More specifically in the large industrial center at the city of Campinas.

- International Airport of Brasilia (DF) - the second largest Brazilian international airport is located in Brazil's Capital City, Brasilia. It serves as a platform for the entire Midwest, North and Northeast Brazil.

- International Airport of Curitiba (PR) - One of the main airports in southern Brazil. Curitiba airport serves as a hub to various airports in Brazil and Latin America.

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